Design Update

The design of The Worst Type Of Person has been modified. The number of cards in the game has been reduced from 324 cards to 162 cards for a more efficient use of cards and to lower the cost of the game. The game has half of the cards now, and game play has increased.

The game had 270 Worst Type Cards with 1 description on each card. The game now has 126 Worst Type Cards with 3 descriptions on each card for a total of 378 descriptions.

In the first version of the game, players had 10 Worst Type Cards in their hand to choose from on each turn. Players will now have 7 Worst Type Cards in their hand with a total of 21 descriptions to choose from. Each of the Worst Type Cards has 1 description that contains a blank, which can be adapted to fit the person on the Person Card.

The first version had 50 Person Cards with 3 people on each card for a total of 150 people. There are now 36 Person Cards with 7 people on each card for a total of 252 people.

The box is approximately half the depth now with updated graphics.

The rules have also been slightly simplified due to the new configuration of the cards.

In short, this design update uses half of the cards, but with much more game play.

TWTOP card stacks


Coming to Kickstarter in early 2016

The Worst Type of Person game will be available on Kickstarter in mid 2016.

An exact date will be announced soon.

For those unfamiliar with Kickstarter, it is a crowdfunding site where many game designers self-publish their games.