The Worst Type Of Person is an adult party game that lets players amuse each other with their humor and creativity.

In this entertaining game, players use one of the descriptive cards in their hand to create the funniest person they can by matching it to a person on a card.

Players choose from their hand a description on a card to make the funniest and most ridiculous, ludicrous, absurd, inappropriate, preposterous, and and “worst type of person” they can. Then all of the players discuss why their choice, or another players choice is the “worst”.

Players decide which other player they think made the “worst person”, and award them their played card. The player with the most awarded cards at the end of the game wins.

Players will have fun playing their cards and laughing at the cards other players play. But the most fun comes from the hilarious discussions players will have about their choices.

The description on your card may not seem to be the worst at first, but a clever or creative explanation can make your description the worst.

Making funny matches with the cards is entertaining, but the group discussion of everyone’s choices is where the game really becomes fun.

The games are fairly short if played for only 1 or 2 rounds. With short games, players can more easily leave or join the game. Short games also allow other players to join in easier.

The Worst Type of Person is available in 2 volumes at The Game Crafter for $19.99 each.

Click the links below for information on buying the game:
The Worst Type of Person – Volume One
The Worst Type of Person – Volume Two

Each volume has 90 cards (72 Worst Type Cards with 216 descriptions and 18 Person Cards with 126 people).  They also include a Game Rules booklet.

Below are possible examples of game play using cards from Volume One:



TWTOP vol 1 play 1



Below are possible examples of game play using cards from Volume Two:

TWTOP vol 1 play 1

TWTOP vol 1 play 1

TWTOP vol 1 play 1


For a more detailed description of the rules, see the GAME RULES page.




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